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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This Weekend

Some awesome things are falling into place for Compass. Visit Johnny's blog to read about some of the most recent updates.
We are kicking off services in the new Roanoke Recreation Center this Sunday at 10:30. It's going to be great! We worked all last weekend getting things ready, and the preparations aren't done yet. We're starting a series on Marriage this weekend called "Love Revisited". If you are a newlywed, not-so-newlywed or even a not-yet-wed, this series will be one you won't want to miss. Check out www.compasswired.com for more info on the messages within the series. I'm really excited about it! Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't make fun. I had to add a pic in order to add it to my profile. I'm sure there was a faster and easier way to do it - but I prefer slow and difficult. So - ignore the picture. Posted by Picasa

Countdown to the "Big Day"

Well, it's almost here...the "Big Day". I'll be 25 years old next Friday - and I can't wait!! I LOVE birthdays! I LOVE birthday parties! I LOVE friends and food and presents! Everybody does - not everyone admits it, though. My dad says I'll be a quarter of a century old - that actually sounds OLD. I'd like to say that I have some important wisdom for you - and maybe I could muster up a few small things - but mostly I still feel like there is SO much to discover and to learn. I feel like life is just beginning - and I LOVE it! I couldn't ask for a better life situation. I have an incredible husband, adorable daughter, the best family, and friends that I don't know what I would do without. Life is good ... and getting better all the time! Hopefully there is a party in my very near future...I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Dose of Perspective

I read a post by Tally Wilgis just now that I couldn't keep from sharing with you. Check it out here. It's all about his observations during a visit to another church. The best part is at the end...

"Each week when Christians and Selfians collide... someone WILL BE uncomfortable. Why is it that the Christians want to make the Selfians uncomfortable? Why can't the Christians say "If someone has to be uncomfortable in this transaction, let it be us. I'm okay with letting my saved family do church in a theater with beer ads all around." The way those beer ads hit many church goers is the same way a stained glass window, a tie, or hymnals hits the Selfians. If I KNOW there will be SOMEONE uncomfortable... I want it to be our church members and attendees. Let it be me! If it will allow my selfian friend to see Christ in his own context... so be it."

Good stuff - right?

Compass Sessions - Jam Night

I'm hosting a weekly jam night at my house starting this Friday night at 7. All musicians welcome!!

Email me if you're interested at kim@compasswired.com

More Top 10 Lists

More stuff I like:

Top 10 TV shows:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Alias
- these two should actually tie for first place!!
3. Friends (I know it's cancelled - but I own a few seasons on DVD)
4. Reba - could be the funniest show on TV!!
5. Lost
6. The Apprentice - although I haven't had time to watch this season :(
7. Without a Trace
8. 24 - not as obsessed as my husband, but it's a good show.
9. All the Law and Orders
10. Smallville - again, not as hooked as my husband, but a suprisingly good show.

Top 10 Movies:
1. The Count of Monte Cristo - if you haven't seen this - go get it right now! Don't even rent it - just buy it b/c you'll love it. Seriously - right now!!!
2. Ever After (I actually wore out the video and had to buy the DVD)
3. Pirates of the Carribean
4. Tommy Boy (I can quote the entire movie - seriously.)
5. X-Men and X2
6. You've Got Mail (I'm actually a little embarrassed about my love for all things Meg Ryan - please don't make fun)
7. My Fair Lady
8. What Women Want
9. White Christmas
10. All the Lethal Weapons

Top 10 Lists

Thought it would be fun to start some top ten lists - so here goes...

Top 10 Songs (as of this moment):
1. For Who You Are - Big Daddy Weave (I LOVE this song!!!)
2. Intoxicating - The David Crowder Band
3. The Narrow - Charity Von
4. It's My Life - Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi makes me happy!)
5. Free - Building 429 (heaviest song they do - best by far)
6. Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson (the funky bass rocks!)
7. Chariot - Gavin DeGraw
8. Frontline - Pillar
9. Revolution - Starfield
10. Travelin Band - CCR (this song makes me smile!)

Okay - so there's many, many more - I could do a top 50 list. But those are the ones I can't keep out of my CD player - and that make me the most happy.

Top 10 Artists/Bands (I can't do these in order - it's too hard!):
The David Crowder Band
Kelly Clarkson
Gavin Degraw
Charity Von
The Benjamin Gate
John Mayer
Audio Adrenaline
does DC Talk count?
Bon Jovi (I know it's sad - but I can't help it)

I should do an honorable mention category to put my other 300 favorite bands into - but that would make this post WAY to long!