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Friday, October 28, 2005

What are you afraid of?

We started a new life group last night. It is called "KNOW FEAR" and was written by Ed Young. I'm really excited about it. I didn't realize I had so many fears. Next week we're talking about Fear of the Future. We even played a little "Name that Fear" game last night. Here are a few of them - see if you can identify them (and no cheating allowed!):


I'll post the answers on Monday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Several people have told me lately that they have been unable to leave comments on my blog. I have discovered (thanks to Johnny) that one of my settings was off. Somewhere along the way I set it so that only members of this blog can leave comments. But I'm the only member of this blog. Since I don't ever really feel the need to comment on myself, I have fixed the issue and now anyone should be able to comment.

So, comment away. In fact, somebody should test it. Anybody?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Practical Worship

I read an article today by Rick Warren on the Purpose Driven website about 4 characteristics of worship. You can read the article here.

Basically, Rick said that there are 4 characteristics of God-pleasing worship:
It is Accurate - based on the truth of Scripture and reflecting who God really is (not just who we think He is or want Him to be).
It is Authentic - 1 Samuel 16:7b "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
It is Thoughtful - "If worship is mindless, it's meaningless...You must engage your mind."
It is Practical - God asks us to give Him what we have. He doesn't require more of us than we can give.

The last one reminded me of something we talked about on Sunday. We were studying the story of the widow who's husband left her deep in debt and her debtors were threatening to take her children as slaves to pay back the debt. She went to Elisha and asked for help. The first thing he said to her was "What do you have?" All she had was a small bottle of olive oil. He asked her to gather as many bowls or pots as she could from her neighbors and family. Then he told her to pour the olive oil into the bowls - there was enough from that small bottle of olive oil to fill all the bowls she had gathered.

The part of this story that I was reminded of today is where he first asked her "What do you have?" When we come to God wanting to serve and worship Him, but feeling that we are not equipped to serve Him. He first asks us - "What do you have?" then shows us how to use what we already have to serve Him. It doesn't matter if we're not good at speaking (think Moses) or if we have a terrible past (think Paul). Everyone is usable by God. God wants practical worship - he doesn't want you to try to be something you're not. Who you are is exactly who He intended for you to be.

What do you have? What can you do? What are you good at? Start there. God will do the rest.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Leave of Absence

I have been working extremely hard at work lately and have had absolutely no time for blogging - or anything else for that matter. I have also recently made the decision to change jobs, which means I will be working even harder trying to wrap up all the projects I've been working on before I leave. All this to say that I will probably not be blogging over the next few weeks. Big suprise, I know, because my blogs have been so frequent over the last month. :)

I am hoping that with the new job will come a little breathing room and a little more time for blogging. In the meantime, keep checking Johnny's blog and our church website @ www.compasswired.com to keep up to date on what is going on in the Compassphere.

Happy Friday, by the way!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Fear and the Absence of Blog

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog (sounds kind of like a confession, huh?). I've been so busy with work and church and other stuff that I haven't had much time to do anything else - like blogging.

I got the new Switchfoot CD - it's pretty good (not as good as the last one - but still good) and the new Audio Adrenaline CD - it's even better! I still need to get the new David Crowder Band CD - it will be the best of the 3 - I'm pretty sure.

I'm reading Ed Young's book, Know Fear - and it rocks! I didn't know I was so afraid until I started reading his book. We're going to start a small group study based on the book - which I'm very excited about. It always amazes me how many things I am afraid of. I hate horror movies just for that reason. As if I don't have enough to be scared about - they have to invent a whole new scenario to freak me out! I'm realizing that it is all in my head. It's a tool used to keep me from believing and trusting in God. When I'm afraid, I'm basically saying that my God is too small. I don't want that to be me anymore! I know who my God is and what He is capable of - now I need to remember to remind my brain of those things. Sounds simple - but it's not. It's hard to trust. I will take it one day at a time - and hopefully someday it will be a little easier.