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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

Well, it's better than I expected but worse than I hoped.

Weight: 223 (.5 lbs lost)
Waist: 48.5 (1.5" lost)

I lost .5 pounds this week (but have now lost a total of 10.5)
I lost 1.5" in my waist, 1" in my bust & 1" in my hips this week (for a total of 2.5"- waist, 1.5"- bust & 2" -hips)

(by the way - I've decided to use the newer scale - so that I can account for even the .5 pound that I lost this week :)

Although I'm quite disappointed in myself for falling off the wagon this week a little, I can live with those numbers. 10.5 pounds is quite a lot.

Ricky was hugging me this morning before he left for work and said that I feel different. That really made me feel good - so although I vow to do better next week, I'm not discouraged yet.

How did you guys do?

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Charly said...

Well... I've been doing well on the eating part, but then again, I didn't really ever just pig out before. I HAVE had 1 soda in the past week. It was just that time and I NEEDED one. I think I have lost a half a pound, but I haven't really expected to lose any. I really need to be a little more active, then my weight loss should kick in. I, too, am an emotional eater, and with Zack being so busy with school and work, I've been left with the boy AND all the work that I do around the house, church, and teaching. All that stress doesn't help. On top of that, even if I didn't eat, stress causes me to gain weight anyway. At least I am, for the most part, maintaining. Yay for me! You, on the other hand, are doing great and I am very proud of you.