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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giving Opportunities

I figure since it's coming up on the "season of giving", I could share with you a few opportunities I've recently come across. All are wonderful organizations/efforts - and would greatly appreciate your help. You can click on any of the logos to visit their websites.

Operation Christmas Child

First, this is an organization that Elisa and I have participated in for a couple of years now. It's a fun and easy thing that her and I do together each year. She has so much fun wrapping and putting together the shoe box full of stuff.

Basically, you take a regular shoe box and fill it with little toys, hygeine items, and other things. You specify if it's for a boy or girl, and include $7 for shipping. Then you drop it off at a specified location and Samaritan's Purse delivers it for you. Really easy - and inexpensive - way to help a child at Christmas time.

Shoes 4 Souls

This was new to me this year - but I'm seeing it everywhere. It's such a great organization that has already made such an impact around the world. Check out their fall newsletter for more great info about what they're doing. It's as easy as it sounds - you can donate shoes or donate money for shoes for as little as $5.

Give Worship

This is also a very cool idea. Basically, you can purchase musical equipment for worship leaders across the globe. I LOVE this idea. You can even purchase something as small as guitar picks or a guitar strap. What a beautiful way to participate in worship all over the world. Please check it out.

Amazima Ministries International

This ministry is very dear to my heart right now. A young woman named Katie started this organization. She ministers to the children in Uganda - the hurting, the sick, the orphaned, the poor. Her story of what she is a part of in Uganda is absolutely beautiful. She helps to take care of the basic needs of these children while also providing them with education. But she cannot do it alone. In order to send all 150 children to school, and provide for their basic needs - Amazima Ministries needs donations of ANY amount to help. You can donate as little as $1 if that's all you have to give. Please visit Katie's blog for more information on how to donate.

I hope that these organizations inspire you to give of your time, resources and love to those who need your help.

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