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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Welcome Baby Maya - and other family updates.

This post is a little late in the posting, but I thought it still should be done.
We welcomed our third baby girl into the world at about 3pm on March 25th. She was 8 lbs and 1 oz - the biggest of my babies. Here are a couple pics...

Maybe I should also give an update
on the rest of the family... Elisa is 7 going on 13 and is smarter than ever, cuter than ever & definitely my pride and joy...

Syd is my crazy girl - she jumps off of anything without warning, eats dog treats despite my pleadings not to & is so much fun to have around...

And last & also least (since he's a dog), on Dec 1st - our puppy, Tux, was born. He was pretty small at first but has since grown into a pretty darn big dog - and pretty obnoxious too... The first was from February and the last one from March I think. He's quite a bit bigger now!

That's all I got - it's amazing how quickly we've become a family of 6 (including Tux). We were just 3 for so long - 6 years actually. Then came Syd and then Tux and then Maya. Crazy! We can't even all fit in the car. I guess a minivan is in our future. Golly.

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