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Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

Okay - confession time...

I HATE weekly weigh-ins. I gained 3 pounds this last week. Probably because I've been sick, the kids have been sick - and I haven't been to the grocery store in almost 2 weeks - so we've eaten out ALOT. Ugh.

Honestly, I'm not really very motivated right now to do much better. Kids are still sick - and I feel like I haven't slept in a week (probably pretty close to the truth).

However, I KNOW - God desires better from me. He demands my very best. He will not settle for my leftovers (no food pun intended). I know that He expects me to be the very best me I can (I know it sounds cheesy - but it's true). SO - I WILL do better this week. Meet me back here next week for an update. Same bat time, same bat channel :)

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Charly said...

okay... I forgot to weigh in yesterday morning, which is when I always weigh, but I weighed in this morning at 133.4. That's .6 pounds lost. I'm sad because Friday morning, I was down to 132.1... I am doing great with working out! I've done it 8 of the past 9 days... I took a break Sunday.