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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

Well,I weighed in this morning,but I can't find my camera to prove it - so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I haven't done any measurements - but the scale said 223! Yeah! That's 4 pounds!

I had one soda on Wednesday night and a little bit of soda on Saturday night - but other than that I've done really well with the soda thing. I'm also calorie counting - which is a little time consuming - but I thinkit's pretty worth it.

I walked every day (except Sat & Sun) for at least an hour a day - most days 2hours, and did Pilates on 2 days,too.

I worked really hard this last week trying to change habits - so I'mexcited to see that I've made progress.

Iknow that this upcoming week will be the hard one, though. I'm starting to miss coke and cheesecake & mexican food.

How about everyone else? Wanna share your stats?


Mandy Crowell said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Wow, I thought I was stepping up the exercise, but you put me to shame!

My weight was 227 (2 pounds) and same on the inches. I have also had no soda (even diet) since last Sunday. After the initial caffeine headache, I'm feeling much better.
I worked out 4 days last week with an hour cardio and 20 minutes of light weights. This week I'm trying to step up the weights and incorporate some better eating habits.
But I will also have a tough week, as we're going camping with another family this week and I won't have much control over my diet. (you know how camp food is with hamburgers, hot dogs, and smores.) Hopefully I can supplement with healthy snacks and plenty of hiking!

McSvajda said...

Okay okay....my weigh in doesn't truly count...apparently last week I gained 2.5 pounds from the week before and then today I weighed and am back to what I was the week prior to that....that was a little confusing wasn't it? Plain english now....
10/6 - 168.8
10/13 - 172.6
10/20 - 170.0

Charly said...

Well... I started of really well with increasing my activity, cutting out soda, and not eating after 8pm. (By the way, my first weigh in was 134.4) However, I visited some friends this weekend that were so excited to see us that they cooked a huge meal for us for dinner, breakfast, AND lunch. I mean HUGE meals; lasagna, salad, green beans and bread for dinner, pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, and some amazing chili for lunch. Not to mention the fruit smoothies and 2 trips to the Sonic a block away from their house. I did walk there, tho. Needless to say, I'm off to a not so great start. Not to mention, I went to the doctor today and I weight 136. Boo... I WILL do better, tho.

Carrie Kimmerle said...

I weighed in at 172. So 2 little pounds are gone. I had 2 cokes this week (hopefully I can be done with them completely this week)and I quit eating anything more once dinner is over. I need to find some sort of excersize that will work for me. Honestly I am a little nervous about that since the last time I over did it I couldn't walk for days and had to go on steroids that led to more weight gain! You would think carrying Hazel around all day would be enough of a workout!

Carrie Kimmerle said...

OH! Are we doing inches? If so let me know so I can take care of that fun task.

Kim Wells said...

I'm doing inches for my own information. Sometimes you'll lose inches before you'll lose weight. We're only using the weight for the contest, though.