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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feels Like Fall

It's September - it feels like October. I LOVE it!! Ricky says that he loves fall because of how happy it makes me. I love that he is now a fall-lover too, regardless of the reason. I'm ready to put out fall decorations. I only put out fall decorations to keep me from putting out Christmas decorations in September - because it would make my husband completely crazy. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love Christmas and the 4th of July - more than the average person, I'd wager a guess - but Thanksgiving is my very favorite. It might be because of all the tradition wrapped up in the holiday. It could be because the weather is so amazing, and the trees are so beautiful. Or because of the wonderful, wonderful food. But I think it's mostly because of the emphasis on family. We always make this huge deal out of Thanksgiving. My grandma would bake for a week in preparation for our huge thanksgiving feast - that included every family member I have ever known. When my grandma died about 14 years ago, I was terrified that the traditions would die with her. But my mother (who is amazing) carries on the traditions with even more excitement. I hope that my kids learn to love Thanksgiving as much as I do. I always feel like I'm 10 years old again when Fall comes around. It's like I never grew up. I think that's what my husband thinks is so cute about me and Fall - how I feel and act like a child. I can't imagine ever losing that child-like enthusiasm.

It's beginning to feel like Fall - and I could not be more excited! I think I'll wait til Oct 1st to start the Christmas music, though - so as not to drive my husband entirely crazy.

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