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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Crazy Old Tic Tacs

Elisa found a thing of tic tacs earlier in a sack of stuff her grandma gave her. They are wintergreen tic tacs though - and she thinks they are too "spicy" for her. So she gave them to me. Score. I love tic tacs. Orange are my favorites - but all tic tacs are good. So I'm sitting here eating my wintergreen tic tacs and start to realize that they taste a little funny. They have a weird sort of zing that I don't remember from the last time I had wintergreen tic tacs. Then I start to wonder if tic tacs have an expiration date. So I look on the package. Yep - they expire all right. This particular package expired back in October of 2006!!! 2006!! I couldn't believe it. So far so good. I'm hoping I don't croak in the night from being poisened by these crazy old tic tacs.

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