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Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Songs

I've been putting together a list of must-play Christmas songs for our Christmas Eve Service. I'm also working on a few originals to see if I can bring some modern to mesh with the old.

I read a blog today that talks about the 'retro' and 'overplay' issues with Christmas music in the church. Check it out here.

What do you think? What are the must-play Christmas songs? How do you feel about the 'retro' feel?


tmc said...

I think Christmas time is the one time of year that we can truly go retro and not look overly traditional. I think people want some sense of continuity at Christmas.

It's sort of like Mother's Day. That's the one day of the year that we do flowers and "girl" it up and that's okay.

Just my two cents.

Ben said...

Kim, great comments on the post over at my site. I agree with tmc, I hadn't thought about it, but yes there is quite a bit of "forgiveness" (maybe not the best word for it)in many allowing us to venture back to the retro nostalgia of the Christmas music.

Maybe sometimes we worship leaders get a little too wrapped up in making things so contemporary that we wear ourselves out working so hard to arrange the music in a way that speaks to our generation. And maybe all we need to do is just pull out the hymn and sing a few of the traditional songs as written. Hmmmm...is it possible for worship leaders to leave a traditional song alone?

I'm subscribing to your site on my firefox feed. I love reading other worship leaders stuff! Glad you're out here!