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Friday, September 23, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts...

I met with a few other worship leaders yesterday. It was a great meeting. There was a lot of talk about equipment - and other tech stuff - which was helpful. But the most helpful thing for me was a talk about recruiting musicians. I left encouraged and inspired. I also left with a huge list of to do's. But that's good. Right?

I feel crummy today. I stayed home yesterday but didn't do enough resting. I got distracted by my messy kitchen and a couple of boxes of pictures that needed to be sorted. I ended up strolling down memory lane for several hours and didn't even finish cleaning my kitchen. Oh well. I did find a few really old (and funny) pics of my pastor and a few blackmail-worthy pics of my husband. It was a productive afternoon!

Because of the weather from Rita and the increased traffic due to the exodus from the coast - my work is shutting down at 1:30 today and will be closed all weekend - possibly into Monday. So I may not blog again until Tuesday - we'll see.

Until then - Stay safe.

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