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Thursday, September 08, 2005

From Boring to Weeeeeeeeeeeee.....

I read a blog today (from Tony Morgan) that made me laugh out loud. Mostly because we (Compass) have talked about several of these ways to make church more boring on more than one occasion. In fact - we were guilty of # 4 at least a few times in the early days. And I really think # 8 is funny!! Hee, hee. I can laugh now because we've come SO far since then. SOOO far. Seriously.

The leadership team met up last night at Starbucks (Chai tea latte - yum!) and there was an excitement among us that I can't even explain. Not only are we closer as friends than we've ever been before, but we're more passionate about our mission than ever before. It's so cool to be a part of a group where during almost every meeting I can be laughing so hard my head starts hurting and then nearly moved to tears just moments later. In one of Beth Moore's video series (The Beloved Disciple) she tells a story of her and her husband driving across a rugged terrain at a ridiculous speed in an open jeep screaming for joy at the excitement of the ride. Well - that's me.


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