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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You like me...you really like me?!

I finally got statcounter working for my blog - and like 3 whole people have read this page over the last week, and they weren't me!! Very cool. So if you are one of the 3 - pass it on. My goal is to get to 5 people by weekend. (You gotta start small, right?)

Change subject: the fireworks were cool this weekend. Did I mention that the 4th of July has always been my fav holiday! It's the only holiday that people are nice for the sake of being nice. The only holiday where people enjoy each other w/out wanting something in return. I LOVE IT! I also really dig the fireworks. I think we should have a day of fireworks every month - to lift spirits. Then again, maybe it's the rarity of the fireworks that make them special. Whatever it is - I feel better after this weekend - it was cool.
We celebrated w/ the city of Roanoke - they throw a great party! Even though we ran out of food and chips and eventually drinks (who knew that everybody in Texas was going to show up??) it was still great. At any other holiday people would have been ticked that there wasn't enough food to go around, but everyone was really cool - no major complaints and no one hurt anyone else to get to the BarBQ (and it was GREAT BarBQ!). Overall it was a SUCCESS.

Change of subject (again): I've found a new hobby. Washing cars. I'm not sure why I like it?!?! I recently bought a new car (a PT Cruiser - woohoo), and have washed it twice since then - to keep it pretty (and it is pretty!). I seem to enjoy washing cars - so I treated my parents' cars to a washing yesterday. Actually I started it and it looked like so much fun to the little people (my sister's kids and my own) that they begged me to let them help (do I look like Tom Sawyer?). It was great - and the cars looked, well, ok afterwards.

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