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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Scripture of the Week - Week 2

I was out last week and didn't get on the computer at all, so I didn't post a scripture of the week - but I had one. Here it is: “train yourselves to be godly.” 1 Timothy 4:7b - I mentioned last week that I have started a personal growth plan for myself. Well, this is the verse that started it all. Becoming like Christ is not something that just happens. Just like learning to play guitar and learning to sing did not just happen. God gave me the foundation of my voice, but I have worked hard since then training it and making it into something more. Learning to be like Christ is a process - an everyday commitment to study His character and His ways and then to commit myself to following His example. Another important part of this is that I will never reach perfection - with my voice OR with my life! I will always have things to learn or parts of me that don't measure up - that is why God's grace is so important to me. I've been reading "The Grace Awakening" lately (by Chuck Swindoll), and am discovering new truths about God's incredible grace. His grace is my lifeline. Without it I'm in big trouble. That's what being a child of God is all about - recognizing my need for His grace and responding to Him in a way that shows my recognition and appreciation for how fully He saved my life.

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