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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Personal Mission Statement

I've mentioned that I've started a personal growth plan. Part of the plan is to come up with a personal mission statement. Here's mine - it's in progress, and is probably too long - but I'm working on it. Some of it is borrowed from a book, sermon or article I've read - but most of it - and definitely the heart behind it is mine.

To live an intentional life of intimacy, integrity, and impact. To use my beliefs as a bridge to connect with everyone around me - practicing kindness, showing love and serving with my whole heart. To use my music as a testimony of God's love, sovereignty, and saving grace and to always believe what I sing. To lead others by serving them and to teach and equip them to do the same. To live boldly and unashamedly the life that God has called me to - with passion, strength, and without regret. To constantly seek first to experience, express and expand the Kingdom of God and to become more like Christ every moment of every day. I exist to glorify God, and to bring others to Him. My purpose is to worship God with everything I am, everything I have, and everything I do.

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Johnny Leckie said...

Kim, that is excellent! I believe that this kind of laser sharp focus is what each of us (and our new church in particular) should have for a life of Intentional, Innovative, Impact (i3)!