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Monday, July 18, 2005

My Week of Firsts

The past week was definitely a week of firsts for me.

My first Jury Duty experience (no, I did not get chosen.)
My first airplane ride - I went to Corpus Christi for a conference (for work). The flight had a stop in Houston there and back - so I got to take off and land twice each direction - woohoo! It was so cool. To quote the little guy from the Incredibles (and also my daughter) - It was totally wicked!
My first out of town conference - I learned so much that I'm officially experiencing information overload.
My first hotel room all to my self! - I've never stayed away from home all by myself before - I guess I'm growing up :)
My first taxi ride - I took a taxi to the hotel from the airport and then back again (the shuttle was not available) - seems silly, but I thought it was so cool!
My first trip to Joe's Crab Shack - not by choice (I hate seafood), but my burger was actually really good.
My first taste of salmon - unless fried salmon patties count (my mom made lots of these). I tried actual salmon at one of the lunches at the conference - I didn't order it, it's what everybody had - and it was really, really yuck!
My first room service order - silly thing to be excited about, but I felt so important!!

Some other cool things I got to do last week:
* Went to Six Flags on Saturday to see TFK, Superchick, and Third Day - very cool!
* Got caught in the rain on Thursday at the conference and had to run barefoot (my shoes kept making me fall) back to my hotel to check out and get to the airport in time for my flight!
* Watched INXS - I'm really diggin it!
* Got to hang out with some good friends that we don't see very often - and their really cute 7 month old named Max - very cool kid!
* Watched my daughter perform (she's a self-proclaimed Rock Star) in my living room songs she made up on the spot - I have the coolest kid ever!
* Cool pot luck on Sunday with friends after church (good food, good friends, good times).

I hope next week is as exciting!

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