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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I'm reading...

I'm currently reading 2 books. I know that's crazy to those who know I really don't like to read. But I am - and I intend to finish them both - and soon. The first is "The Church of Irresistible Influence" by Robert Lewis & Rob Wilkins. The second is "The Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley. The next gen leader is pretty dead on - and pretty timely for me right now. But I think the church of irresistible influence, though, is pretty timely for all of us - for all of God's church. It asks some pretty hard and important questions about whether we are having an impact on the culture and community around us. Here are a few of the questions...

How does the community around you "know" your church? Do they feel a positive connection with it?

What kinds of "living proof" has the community around you experienced of your church's Christianity?

What kind of impact do you believe today's church is having on our culture?

The back cover of the book says this: "A city set on a hill, inescapably visible. A lit lamp brilliantly illuminating the darkest room."

This is my prayer today for my church, FBC Watauga. I pray that this will become our heart's cry. That everything we do will be for the purpose of building bridges to the lost in our community - and that lives will change as a result of our obedience to be that "city on a hill". I can envision the influence we (the church as a whole) can have on the community around us. We could be making such a visible difference that those around us would so easily and obviously see Jesus in us. I am overwhelmed today with that possibility. I cannot think of much else lately. I hope to stir your hearts at least a little to realize what could be - and should be. We should be that city on a hill - the salt and the light. We should be affecting the world around us. We should be affecting the people around us. I pray that we will each begin to understand more fully the responsibility we carry as followers of Christ, and that we would begin to make EVERY effort to live it out fully.

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