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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Next Gen Worship

I read an article today on the Worship Together site (great site, by the way - free membership too!). You can read it here at least for a little while longer (they change pretty regularly). The article is called, "Raising Up the Next Generation" and is about giving young people a chance to serve in worship ministry. I love the heart of this article. I believe it's our responsibility as lead worshippers to teach people what worship is and how to worship. This is not to say that we have it all figured out, though. Just that we are supposed to be focused on helping others learn about worship - and equipping them to someday teach others in the same way. I sincerely hope that God will use me to do just that. It is my heart's desire to help others to love Jesus more with their lives & talents. I have been given the gift of music & I pray that I will never stop being amazed at how incredible it is - and that I will be able to use that gift to bring glory to the One who gave it to me.

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