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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm finding myself smack-dab in the middle of chaos again. I had finally crawled out of the craziness of being involved in too many things - and here I am again right back where I started. I know that it's my own fault. I just can't leave things undone that I believe need to be done. I often take on way too many responsibilities just because I don't believe anyone else will take care of them - and I simply can't leave them undone. Am I the only one who suffers from this busy disease? I don't think so. I only wish I knew how to not get into the "crazy" situation to begin with. I guess I could start by learning to say "no". Although usually it is me volunteering for everything that gets me into this mess. I love to be "busy". I think most of us do. I love to be involved in lots of things - I like to help out where needed. I only wish I could distinguish the good from the important and the important from the God-led. Here's a bit of what all I've volunteered to do:
* I lead the music for and am on the leadership team for our church's college group which meets on Monday nights.
* I co-lead the music for the youth group on Wednesday night (I play the guitar, and help choose the songs ahead of time)
* I am involved in choir and praise team - which meet Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
* I create the monthly YACS (our college group) newsletter - I write or coordinate the articles, I do the interviews, I print, fold, label and mail them every month.
* I am trying to kick-off a mom's group for my church that will meet at least once per week (this is a very needed ministry for my church - there are SO many new moms that would benefit from this group)
* I manage my Sunday School online group page (this takes no time at all - shouldn't even be mentioned)
* I've been keeping a friend's kids (a 2 yr old, and a 5 mo old) every so often b/c she needs someone to keep them (and I volunteered).
* I'm about to go back to work part time (2-3 days per week) in an office - and am taking my 8 mo old w/ me.
* My husband and I are trying to get a monthly JAM night started for musicians at our church.
* I have 3 youth that have asked me for music lessons of some sort. - but I haven't been able to schedule them yet.
* I will be coordinating the music for our upcoming VBS.

I didn't even mention that I have a 6 yr old in 1st grade, an almost 8 mo old who still does not sleep through the night, and a house that refuses to clean itself no matter how much I beg. We also are in the middle of the biggest financial crisis my family has ever had.

What do you think, am I involved in too much?? This is only the things I am already involved in - not the ones I'd love to get started but just don't have the time. Plus I think there are other things I've just forgotten.

I think it's time to look over the list and begin to delegate. Pray that God will give me the wisdom and strength to do just that.

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