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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Team 100

Hello all!! As you probably know - my church, Compass Church, has started services at the new Roanoke Recreation Center. As part of our new start we have just begun a message series called, "Engage: Unleashing the Power of Prayer". You can check out the details of the series at www.compasswired.com

Anyway, as part of the series we are trying to recruit 100 people to pray for us twice a week for 4 weeks (during the series). You don't have to be a member of our church or a financial supporter to join what we're calling "Team 100". If you would like to join the team and commit to praying with us and for us over the next 4 weeks, would you please send me an email at kim@compasswired.com or simply leave a comment on this blog? We are keeping a list of our prayer supporters so that we'll know when we reach our goal of 100. We have a prayer guide available here so that you will know what to pray for specifically.

Thank you in advance!! I am really excited about what is happening at Compass and cannot wait to see the incredible things God has planned for us.

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