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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Idol Picks

I know it's silly - and you're probably going to make fun of me - but I'm loving the new season of American Idol. Somehow I got hooked this time. You may not believe it - but I haven't watched the show at all since the first season. I'm a huge Kelly Clarkson fan - and thought that the talent hasn't compared since. BUT - I think this season is different. I think there are several stars in the making this season...so here are my pics after watching the performances these last 2 days:

Who I DIDN'T like:
Bobby Bennett - I think he is the worst performer of all the boys and girls. Cool guy - interesting personality - but not an American Idol in my opinion.
Sway - I really don't like his style - but I think lots of other people will and so he probably won't be going home tonight.
Kevin Covais - I love this kid. Maybe in a few years he'll be ready for the competition, but right now he's just not as good as the rest.
Taylor Hicks - I love this guy too! He's really interesting and real and passionate, but I don't understand why the judges all thought his performance was good - I really thought he was the worst singer of the entire group. But since everyone else likes him so much - and because he is so funny - he will probably make it to the next round.

These guys are my 3 favorites - by far!:
Elliott Yamin - It's weird how often I agreed with Simon last night on the boys - this guy was the best of the bunch. He has an awesome voice, picked a great song, and definitely is likable. He'll make it to the very end - or at least he should!
Ace Young - Great voice, great presence, great performer - cool guy. This guy will also make it to the end!
Chris Daughtry - I loved this guy - and not just because he sang Bon Jovi :) He's got one of the best voices - and is definitely a great performer.

I also liked Bucky (the cowboy), Will Makar (he looks an awful lot like John Mayer in my opinion - I really like this guy) and David Radford (the crooner). I didn't like Gedeon (his smile bugged me too), but have to admit that he has a good voice - and will probably not go home tonight. I honestly don't remember Patrick. I don't remember him being bad, but obviously he was forgettable for me.

Okay, for the girls:
Katherine McPhee - LOVED her voice. She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, but with more training - she has incredible potential. I think she might walk away with the whole competition - or at least make it to the very end.
Paris Bennett - This girl has TALENT!!! Not only is her voice unique and beautiful - she is the best performer of the girls. People are going to love her!
Lisa Tucker - I actually thought her voice was better than Paris - and she has the potential to be even better. I loved the uniqueness of her voice - cool chick!

Who I would vote off:
Stevie Scott - didn't like her style. She missed ALOT of notes. Don't think she'll make through tonight's elimination.
Kinnik Sky - she looked awesome. But her voice didn't match. Too many wrong notes, and not enough talent. I think she'll go tonight too.
Melissa McGhee - I don't remember much about her performance other than the fact that I didn't like it. She'll probably make it through tonight though - I think.

I DID like:
Kellie Pickler - I love this girl. She is not the best singer or performer, but has potential to be much better than we've seen so far. She won't win, but I really hope she does well.
Ayla Brown - weird song choice. Didn't show off her talent in my opinion. You could tell she has a great voice. I want to see what else she can do.
Mandisa - I like her style, her voice and her passion. She's not the best singer in the competition, but she's really good.

I DIDN"T like:
Brenna Gethers - She has a good voice. But her song last night was terrible. I don't like her attitude - and I think that affects my opinion of her voice a little. I don't think she'll make it too far, though - b/c I think America will get tired of her too.
Becky Donahue - she hit some wrong notes, but I liked the choice of song, and think she has great potential as a performer. She doesn't have the best vocal quality - her style is cool, though. I really don't know how far she'll get.

I don't remember Heather Cox at all either - not at all.

Bottom line:
I think that Kevin Covais and Bobby Bennett are the boys going home, and that Stevie Scott and Kinik Sky will be the girls that leave.

What do you think?

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Cassandra :O) said...

I'm not going to comment on every single one of the singers, but I will list some of my favorites. I really like Mandisa, Paris, Chris, Tucker and Ace! I'm an AI addict, so this will be fun to keep in touch about! :OP