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Thursday, February 09, 2006

CD Reviews

Guess what CD I got last night?!?! I'll give you a hint - he was the blonde contestant on Rock Star INXS...still don't know? Well, my husband suprised me last night with the "Marty Casey and Love Hammers" CD. IT ROCKS!!
Not just because I now get to hear "Trees" whenever I want to - but because he is a really great songwriter - and the music is just awesome!! I haven't been this excited about a CD since I got the Bon Jovi CD w/ "It's My Life" on it (another song that really makes me happy!)

Here are a few other CDs I got lately:

Tree63: The Worship Album - this one is even better than I thought it would be...be expecting several of these songs to show up on Sunday mornings in the near future. Fav songs on this album: King, I Stand for You, Great Kindness, Lift, No Other

X Worship 2006 (various artists) - not as good as I'd hoped. I have a lot of these songs already. But I did find a song from Kutless ("Finding Who We Are") that I love and can't wait to share with Compass Church-goers. Fav songs: In the Burning (Something Like Silas), Finding Who We Are (Kutless)

Flyleaf (self-titled) - better than I expected. Also much heavier than I expected. I honestly haven't listened to this CD very much yet. Fav songs: Breathe Today, I'm So Sick

Telecast: Eternity is Now - It's ok, but not as good as their last album. I haven't listened to this CD much yet - but I'm sure I'll have my favorite songs picked from it within a week. It's not a heavy album - very mellow. Great lyrics, but the music bored me a little when I first listened to it. I'm sure it will grow on me, though. I really like this band!

Krystal Meyers: self-titled - I LOVE this CD. It has so many great hits on it. She rocks! Kind of along the lines of Kelly Clarkson or Superchick. Kind of pop, with a little rock mixed in. Fav songs: The Way to Begin, My Savior, Anticonformity (so far).

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