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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Personal Growth Plan update - Ministry Goals

I mentioned a while back that I've developed a personal growth plan for myself for this Fall. As a part of my growth plan, I've written out ministry goals. I based them on the 5 purposes of the church and of the believer as penned by Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Church. Here they are:

CONNECT: To use music to connect with people and to reveal God's love, grace, and invitation to them to partner with Him in life and join Him in eternity.

GROW: To constantly seek to become more like Christ in every are of my life and ministry.

SERVE: To invest in and meet the needs of the people I come in contact with through work, church, everyday life, and any other way in an effort to display Christ's accepting and servant-hearted character to the people He came to save (that's everyone!)

SHARE: To use my music, my testimony, and my life as a tool to share what God has done in and through my life, and to shine brightly as a light in the darkness so that others may see the light and want what I have.

WORSHIP: To live every moment of every day in testimony of God's goodness and to give my everything in response to His greatness.

This is all just a beginning. In the coming months and years, these might change as I learn more about my part in the Big Picture. Right now, I'm just so grateful that I am a part at all.

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Ben said...

Kim, Thanks for stopping by my site and dropping a note directing me to your personal growth plan. I like how you've broken yours up into these different aspects. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I'll have something posted soon on my site. Thanks again!