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Monday, June 27, 2005

Long Time No Blog

Well, since Thursday anyway. The weekend was full of activity for me and I hardly had time to check email, let alone blog. We had our second Church in the Park preview service on Sunday. It turned out to be a great location (the Roanoke Outdoor Pavilion), and it seemed to go off w/out a hitch. A good friend of mine came to play drums with us, and was an awesome addition to the team. Johnny started a summer series (to be continued at the next Church in the Park on July 31) about Connection Breakers - and, pardon the pun, it seemed to connect w/ the audience. Two of the families we had been praying for were able to attend, which was awesome! We also were able to witness the baptism of one of our newest members. Overall, it was a good day.

I finished up a blog this morning that I started about 2 weeks ago (scroll down to read "For Such a Time as This"), I returned all the emails I got over the weekend (ok, I returned the "email" I got over the weekend), and finally finished a project at work - I think it has been a very productive day. Now I can get started on the other 3 projects.

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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